Wallpaper hanging guide

Wallpaper Hanging Instructions

Before cutting and hanging wallpaper, please ensure that each roll has the same batch number and that the rolls are in good condition. Whilst this wallpaper is of the highest quality, possible colour or pattern  variation may occur during manufacture. Please return any defective roll with its label to where it was purchased.


  1. Walls should be clean, firm and dry.
  2. All old wallpaper, backing and lining to be removed.
  3. Powdery or flaky surfaces should be scraped and painted with an oil based primer 48 hours before hanging wallpaper.
  4. Holes and cracks must be filled.
  5. Painted surfaces must be roughened with glass / sand paper.
  6. Absorbent surfaces should be sized.
  7. All walls must then be lined with a grade 800 or 1000 white lining paper.
  8. To minimize the hazard in the event of a fire DO NOT hang wallpapers over expanded polystyrene veneers or any such flammable products and ensure that the wall-coverings are always firmly stuck down.

Hanging Instructions

  1. Match the pattern level.
  2. Use a spirit level and faint pencil line to ensure that the wallpaper is vertical.
  3. Paste- We only recommend premixed tub pastes, such as LAP, Polycell or Solvite. Always apply the paste generously, paying particular attention to the edges and allow to soak for 2-3 minutes for the paper to become supple. DO NOT OVERSOAK, DO NOT GET PASTE ON THE SURFACE. Carefully and immediately with a damp sponge wipe off all paste that may have touched the printed surface. DO NOT OVER WORK THE SEAMS.
  4. Use a plumb line when hanging the first panel; using a paperhangers brush smooth the paper to the wall from the centre of the length,expelling air bubbles.
  5. After hanging 2 lengths, check for shading or wallpaper printing faults and that the wallpaper is hung the correct way up at this point, if you are unhappy, STOP.

No claims will be accepted for more than one roll and any claim is strictly limited to the replacement of faulty wallpaper.

NOTE: This is top quality paper and must only be hung by a qualified experienced decorator.